The Books

Endeavor To Persevere

Living a life of connection motivates us to live our lives with a compassionate heart, not only for others, but also for ourselves. Living a life of connection is not an additional spiritual burden but a lightening of our awareness in how we walk on our planet. In Endeavor to Persevere, author Rev. Dr. Karen L. Holgersen offers a collection of short narratives to inspire, to comfort, and to bring healing and hope.
Many of the selections were written and given as Sunday homilies to church congregations, and others were written to expound on Holgersen’s life observations. She addresses a host of topics providing insight and guidance on living life to its best.
The messages communicated in Endeavor to Persevere uplift the spirit and bring peace to the heart.


Stories to Stretch the Mind and Heart

Although I like a balanced approach in literature, I have deliberately included more humorous stories than courageous stories.
Courage is incredibly important in our daily living experiences and sometimes, it is an act of courage to just get out of bed. I can certainly attest that it took much courage to face all the personal challenges in my life.
However, the one survival skill that has helped me the most was learning to laugh at myself and to learn to enjoy my own life story. With time, even the most horrendous experiences can be put into proper perspective.
I have almost passed into Spirit three times – once as a child, once as a teenager, and once as an adult. These close calls with death have given me the gift of clarity. I have learned that life can certainly be very complex. I have also learned that how one responds to the ups and downs is even more important than the life events themselves. For example, I can respond with gratitude for the joyous events in my life. I can even respond with understanding about the saddest events in my life because of the lessons learned from loss. As a natural optimist, I have also sought to see the sunny side of life – even during times of stormy weather.
I invite you to enjoy these true stories of courage and humor. It is my hope that you will find inspiration in the courageous stories, and you will laugh as much as you can at the humorous stories, as laughter lifts the spirits and is music to our soul.
I also invite you to reflect on a courageous or funny story you would like to share with a loved one. Please pass this story on as it adds meaning to your own life story and will be remembered by those who were lucky enough to hear it.


The Story of Spirit Wind: A Story of Love and Connection

This book is a true story about a loving relationship between a spiritual mother and a spiritual daughter.
A beautiful tale of connection, this story illuminates the bond of a lady shamanic guide and her charge. The magic will warm your heart and give you hope.